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    Big Live Club which is also opened in the Week as a Bar, you can hear the whole range of Rock Music including Metal. At the Weekends it seems the have also Discotheque....
    Meeting Point
    Pub where Alternative and Punk People meet. Rock und Punk Music is played. Located in the Old town of Sarajevo, one street away from the Rock Teater....
    Route 66
    A Biker Bar in New Sarajevo where the have live concerts on every wednesday and Rock and Metal played in the evenings. Place where local metal heads hang around....
    Rock Teater
    Plays Rock, Hard Rock and Metal if you wish it. It is a very clean bar with a lot of pictures of yugoslavian Rock Bands. The Style reminds a bit on Hard Rock Cafe but if would not talk about a clone. ...
    A very small bar, near to the "Rock Teatar". Saturdays and Wednesdays they have metal nights. The owner of the bar, such as the personal are very kind and they'll probably get you drunk and ...
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